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About us

Bici&Vacanze comes from Davide’s idea and experience, who is passionate about the pleasure of traveling and the slow and itinerant movement, curious to discover new places and enthusiastic to meet new people, always on his bicycle.

In 2004 Davide created the first tour operator specialized in cycling holidays based in Milan, together with other people; but in 2015 he decided to “ride” on his own bike: Bici&Vacanze.

A team of people and friends work together with Davide, also with the aim to acquaint and sharing the beauty of cycling and, above all, of a bicycle holiday.

Bici&Vacanze operates both in Italy and throughout Europe, thanks to the cooperation with specialized partners. We pay particular attention to Milan, our city, where we promote unusual biketours that enhance it and make it rediscover from different points of view.

We like to pick all the benefits you can experience riding the bicycle: our latest proposal is Bike&Coaching, for which we avail of business consulting professionals.

Bici&Vacanze is a small world, which keeps on the development, just like the time in which we live: we use the bicycle to stay in balance….

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” ~ Albert Einstein

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