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Bike & Love 🙂

coppia bici

“Find someone who is a home and an adventure all at once.”

Perfect bike tours for a couple’s holiday

Ideas for bike tours to share:

Venice a city of love and romance ,where Casanova lived between history and legend. where you can walk all day in a romantic and incredibile atmosphere. 








“Roma la città eterna” is also the city of eternal love .

To find out how Saint Valentine’s day  came about, we have to go back as far as the 3rd century, when Emperor Claudius II reigned over Rome,  he enacted a law that prevented young people from marrying. By doing so, he thought, he would ensure a more powerful army, as soldiers did not have their own family to support or romantic ties. But… what does a Christian saint have to do with all this?

Valentine was a young priest in Rome, totally against the emperor’s ban. Therefore, strong in his convictions, he began to officiate at marriages in secret. The news did not please the leaders of the time at all, which is why he ended up being locked up and eventually murdered on 14 February.

Two centuries after Valentine’s tragic end, Pope Gelasius I decided to commemorate the date of his martyrdom by making him a saint, to remember the loving gesture of this courageous priest towards so many couples in love.

The magic quietness of the alpine lakes will be the background of your romantic holiday in Italy.


What could be nicer than sharing an adventure with the person you love? And certainly the islands with the hear shape lake  are a fantastic destination for an incredible adventure.

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